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Good Monday to you all!

And what a lovely Monday it is, today my dad celebrates his 50th Birthday! Yesterday we all gathered around his house for a sensational Indian buffet, provided by a dear family friend. It was delish and has provided us with sooo much leftover. So even though I have a menu devised, chances are, some days may be swapped for a curry 😀 Take a look at all that food!


I was planning on being super healthy this week as well, I have been feeling slightly under the weather and feel my body could do with some nourishment. I am going to stick it as much as possible, so this week I am also including what I shall be having for breakfast and lunch.

Here is the menu, I will be 95% sticking to it 😛


Breakfast – Peach yogurt & Grapes Lunch- Roast Chicken Mugshot, apple and banana Dinner-Left over curry & rice


Breakfast – Porridge, Honey & Pumpkin Seed Lunch- Egg Salad, apple and banana Dinner- Steak, Sugar Snap Peas, Roasted baby potatoes & Sweetcorn


Breakfast- Coconut Porridge & Red Berries Lunch- Pomegranate & Broad Bean Salad, followed by peach yogurt Dinner – Baked Cod wrapped in Parma Ham served with seasonal greens


Breakfast- Vitamin Booster Smoothie (Orange, Carrot, Celery & Mango) Lunch- Moroccan Hummus with veggie dippers & Roast Chicken Soup Dinner- Herby Green Pasta Bake


Breakfast- Poached eggs & Spinach Lunch- Ham & Avacado Salad with apple and banana Dinner- Beef Lasagne


Breakfast- Veggie Omelette Lunch- Thai Chicken Soup with grilled pitta bread Dinner- Night Out/Indian


Breakfast- Granola with Pomegrante, Banana & Honey Lunch- Chicken Noodle Soup Dinner- Homemade Chicken PotPie & Seasonal Veg


I will also be limiting myself to One coffee per day and replacing the rest with fruit teas 🙂 My favourite at the moment is the Skinni Vanilli Infusion by Clipper 20161010_115226

I’m hoping this will help me to feel better.

Until next week 😉

x Lucy x


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