Hygge Inspired Weekly Meal Plan

So this week, after so many recommendations, I purchased the book named “Hygge”


Needless to say, Oh My God…no word of a lie, in just 60 pages, this book has changed my life. I personally, long for dark, cold, wet and windy nights, for me it is the fundamental key to happiness. It gives us the time and need to wrap up, drink soothing drinks and eat comforting food.

For anyone who knows me well, will already understand I am obsessed with months October through to December, this for me is when life is at its best. I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of these seasons and embrace them every year, I would go as far to say I was narcotic about it. I go all out every year and so this book for me, was about reading about myself but a better me.

Inspired, I decided to write this blog. These are the meals I love and can’t wait to cook, they sooth my soul and induce happiness 🙂 I am clearly late for the beginning of the week so we are starting on Tuesday.



Breakfast: Toasted Sourdough topped with Avacado, Radish and Coriander. Followed by a Passionfruit

Lunch: Roast Chicken Soup & Croutons

Dinner: Pork Chops in Balsamic BBQ Sauce, New Potatoes & Veg


Breakfast: Porridge topped with mixed Berries & Honey

Lunch: Prawn & Asparagus Salad

Dinner: Sausage HotPot & Mash

Pudding: Chocolate Chip Cookies



Breakfast: Cheese & Chive Muffins

Lunch: Potato & Leek Soup

Dinner: Chicken in White Wine Sauce with Roasted New Potatoes & Green Beans


Breakfast: Greek Yogurt topped with Homemade Granola

Lunch: Poached eggs, Mushroom & Spinach on Granary Toast

Dinner: Beef Stew with Dumplings

Pudding: Summer Fruits Strudel & Custard

img_1682 6eaa753a4d6be0f7a8c69946fd6198ef


Breakfast: Pancakes Topped with Greek Yogurt & Honey

Lunch: Tomato & Chive Omelette

Dinner: Danish Meatballs & Spaghetti

Pudding: Scones with Raspberry Jam & Clotted Cream



Breakfast: Beans on Toast topped with Spring Onion

Lunch: Cheese & Mushroom Rigatoni

Dinner: Spaghetti Bolognase & Garlic Bread

Pudding: Fig Tart & Vanilla Ice Cream

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Breakfast: Waffles topped with Strawberries

Lunch: Sweet Chilli Prawns & Vermicelli Noodles

Dinner: Beef Stroganoff & Rice


I hope you find that interesting 😀 Don’t forget to enjoy Hot Chocolate, Cakes & Treats….in moderation 😉

photo-85 img_1846 img_1622


That’s all folks!

x Lucy x


Make Me Feel Better Menu

Good Monday to you all!

And what a lovely Monday it is, today my dad celebrates his 50th Birthday! Yesterday we all gathered around his house for a sensational Indian buffet, provided by a dear family friend. It was delish and has provided us with sooo much leftover. So even though I have a menu devised, chances are, some days may be swapped for a curry 😀 Take a look at all that food!


I was planning on being super healthy this week as well, I have been feeling slightly under the weather and feel my body could do with some nourishment. I am going to stick it as much as possible, so this week I am also including what I shall be having for breakfast and lunch.

Here is the menu, I will be 95% sticking to it 😛


Breakfast – Peach yogurt & Grapes Lunch- Roast Chicken Mugshot, apple and banana Dinner-Left over curry & rice


Breakfast – Porridge, Honey & Pumpkin Seed Lunch- Egg Salad, apple and banana Dinner- Steak, Sugar Snap Peas, Roasted baby potatoes & Sweetcorn


Breakfast- Coconut Porridge & Red Berries Lunch- Pomegranate & Broad Bean Salad, followed by peach yogurt Dinner – Baked Cod wrapped in Parma Ham served with seasonal greens


Breakfast- Vitamin Booster Smoothie (Orange, Carrot, Celery & Mango) Lunch- Moroccan Hummus with veggie dippers & Roast Chicken Soup Dinner- Herby Green Pasta Bake


Breakfast- Poached eggs & Spinach Lunch- Ham & Avacado Salad with apple and banana Dinner- Beef Lasagne


Breakfast- Veggie Omelette Lunch- Thai Chicken Soup with grilled pitta bread Dinner- Night Out/Indian


Breakfast- Granola with Pomegrante, Banana & Honey Lunch- Chicken Noodle Soup Dinner- Homemade Chicken PotPie & Seasonal Veg


I will also be limiting myself to One coffee per day and replacing the rest with fruit teas 🙂 My favourite at the moment is the Skinni Vanilli Infusion by Clipper 20161010_115226

I’m hoping this will help me to feel better.

Until next week 😉

x Lucy x


October Lust List


The great thing about payday, is new stuff! Every month when I run out of money, I begin to dream about the next thing to buy! Like most of us I pick wayyyy too much and some how need to narrow it down 😛

This month is even more exciting because I love all things Autumn/Winter, wrapping up warm, lighting candles and pampering bubble baths. I collected a few bits last month which can be found on my haul video available over my YouTube channel, but here are the things I hope to collect this month 🙂

  1. Mint Velvet Blanket Scarf – http://www.johnlewis.com/mint-velvet-blanket-scarf-multi/p3009447
  2. OPI Nails – Nail Lacquer – Neutrals, Dulce de Leche – http://www.johnlewis.com/opi-nails-nail-lacquer-neutrals/p131554?navAction=jump&colour=Tickle%20My%20France-y
  3. NARS Audacious Lipstick, Apoline – http://www.johnlewis.com/nars-audacious-lipstick/p2983554?colour=Apoline
  4. Origins GinZing™ Peel-Off Mask – http://www.johnlewis.com/origins-ginzing-peel-off-mask-75ml/p2859468
  5. Diptyque Figuier/Fig Tree Candle – http://www.diptyqueparis.co.uk/home-fragrances/scented-candles/figuier-mini-candle.html
  6. Viva Vhari Rib Sleeve Jumper – https://www.frenchconnection.com/product/woman-collections-jumpers-and-cardigans/78fzd/viva-vhari-rib-sleeve-jumper.htm
  7. Mozart Ripple V Neck Jumper – https://www.frenchconnection.com/product/woman-collections-jumpers-and-cardigans/78fza/mozart-ripple-v-neck-jumper.htm?clr=dadada
  8. Joules Braemar Quilted Gilet – http://www.johnlewis.com/store/joules-braemar-quilted-gilet-black/p3031564?navAction=jump


What have you got your eye on this month?

Happy Shopping 🙂 x Lucy x

Autumnal Weekly Meal Plan


Happy Sunday to you all 🙂 

It’s October!! My favourite time of year, when the cold weather and rainy days hit us, but it doesn’t matter because we get to huddle inside with cosy jumpers, hot chocolate and best of all.. Comfort Food!

Last week we enjoyed some delicious recipes inspired by the Mediterranean, the last grasp of warming sunshine before we begin to hibernate 😉

So in light of this wonderful season, this week we have a Autumnal Comfort Food inspired menu, here we go!

Monday: Classic Spaghetti Bolognese & Garlic Ciabatta

Tuesday: Chicken & Mushroom HotPot served with Kale

Wednesday: Sausage, Mustard Mash & Savoy Cabbage

Thursday: Chicken Tikka Curry & Rice

Friday: Leek & Mushroom Pasta Bake

Saturday: Chilli Con Carne & Rice

Sunday: Maple Slow Cooked Pork & Seasonal Veg

As always, I try to have at least one veggie meal per week and incorporate seasonal veg wherever possible.

I hope you enjoy this week’s menu and it inspires you to cook up some real family treats, let me know what your Autumn indulgences are, I would love to know!


Have a super week, see you next Sunday.


x Lucy x