Fresh thinking with HelloFresh

Welcome to my review of Hello Fresh.

I first heard of Hello Fresh through my sister who had began ordering the classic box for herself and my dad, I thought it was a really clever idea! So when the opportunity was presented to me to try a box out for myself, I was delighted.

What is Hello Fresh?

Hello Fresh is a weekly food subscription box, which delivers great recipes along with the ingredients to cook them! You can order for two to four people with two to four meals each, costing from £4.00 per meal.

You can choose from a classic, vegetarian or family box, each comes with recipe cards and the necessary ingredients minus salt, pepper & oils.

Each box is well packaged and insulated using ice packs and styrofoam, with meats vacuum-packed. Pantry and produce items are separated by recipe into into paper bags and colour coded.

What did I like about Hello Fresh?

I am a person who absolutely loves taking some time to cook adventurous meals for my family, I enjoy being in the kitchen and learning new skills. For beginners or those who find it hard to be creative in the kitchen, Hello Fresh is your answer.

Even with my enthusiasm for cooking, I can sometimes stumble for ideas and concepts. I found the experience of Hello Fresh to be quite thrilling, having shopping delivered where I did not have to think about what I was going to cook and what I needed to buy.

I loved that all the ingredients were fresh and locally sourced in the UK, you can even read about the suppliers on the Hello Fresh website.

I was worried that my children would be fussy about some of the ingredients, however in order to give a fair review I stuck to the recipe. To my delight they absolutely loved it and asked for seconds!

I think it is a resourceful way of injecting healthy, family friendly meals in to your week – or even impress at small dinner parties.

What did I think of the meals?

I tried the Family box for four which included Steak Tagliata with Rosemary Roasted Potatoes & Peppercorn Sauce, Pork Meatballs, Thai Style Coconut Curry & Basmati Rice, Creamy Gnocchi with Chorizo, Spinach and Cherry Tomatoes and Shanghai Style Chicken Stir-fry Noodles.

Each meal came with it’s own recipe card that included a step-by-step guide. The meals take from 15-30 minutes from start to finish and were super easy to follow.

The meals were actually very delicious and innovative, it got the approval from my five and seven year old which is super positive. As already mentioned I feared some spices might be too much for the children however was pleasantly surprised.

The quantities I found to be generous and good for those with hearty appetites, overall I was very impressed.


What are my negatives?

I feel there are a few negatives to the subscription one being the price.

As much as I love to cook, I have to be realistic when it comes to the weekly shop. Whilst I found Hello Fresh to be a fun experiment for us all, I would not be prepared to pay £64.00 for four meals.

The average weekly shop for a family of four is around £80.00 and I assume for many this includes household essentials and covers more than four meals. There is also no option to order a one-off box.

Secondly I noticed there is no option if you are a single person although a positive to that is the idea of bulk preparing meals.

I also noted whilst looking through the website there were not options for individuals on restricted diets, such as gluten free or lactose intolerance.

Lastly, unlike your supermarket delivery service, you can not select a time slot to receive the box and if you are not around during the day there is a chance you will miss the delivery.


Overall Response

I personally found Hello Fresh an exciting experience and would not be deterred from trying them again as a one off should the option become available.

The concept is refreshing enabling you to be that inner chef and have some fun in the kitchen.

You can see me unbox and prepare my first meal here


Would you like to try Hello Fresh?

For those of you who would be interested in trying a box, I am able to offer £25 off your first order using code HFJUICY – enter this in the promotional code box at the checkout.


x Thanks for reading x





A beginner’s guide to Smoothies & Weight Loss – Smoothie Recipes

First and foremost, Happy New Year!

I guess like me you are thinking, New Year – New Me? Well I believe you are in the right place!

Last year I was introduced to world of Smoothies/Juicing and I absolutely love it! I believe it is a sure-fire way of injecting essentials nutrients into your body quickly and efficiently, whilst aiding a healthy weight loss.

So what’s the difference between a smoothie and a juice? A smoothie is made with a blender which retains the pulp and a Juice is made with a Juicer which removes the pulp. Either way, they are just as good.

I began my journey last spring, whereby I replaced at least one meal per day with a smoothie/juice and the remainder of my meals were “clean” by that I mean fresh, unprocessed and organic as much as possible.

Alongside this I exercised for at least one hour per day five days a week, I lost 14 lbs within 4 weeks, need I say more.

In those 4 weeks I experimented with all different types of ingredients to create the perfect smoothie. I invested in a Nutribullet which allowed me to create perfectly smooth well smoothies.

The aim is to make sure you get a variety of nutrients into your smoothie and always aim to have one type of green for every creation. I began with Spinach and slowly worked my way up to Kale etc. You then add either water, coconut water or almond milk and most importantly ice cubes to make your smoothie cool and palatable. Bananas and Avocado make for a creamier smoothie.

I have listed a few of my favourite smoothie recipes below:

Berry & Peanut Blast:

  • 1/2 cup Spinach
  • 1 cup of Frozen Summerfruits
  • 2 tsp of Organic Peanut Butter
  • 250ml Almond Milk

Tropical Punch:

  • 1/2 cup Spinach
  • 1 medium Banana
  • 1/2 a medium Mango
  • 1/4 of a fresh Pineapple
  • 250ml Coconut Water

Green Nutrition:

  • 1/2 cup Spinach
  • 1/2 cup Kale
  • 1 medium Celery stick
  • 1 medium Apple
  • Juice of half a Lime
  • 250ml Coconut Water

Choco Hit:

  • 1/2 cup Spinach
  • 1/2 cup frozen Blueberries
  • 1/2 cup frozen Strawberries
  • 1 tbsp Dark Coco Powder
  • 250ml Almond Milk

Join me next week when I share an exciting new healthy subscription box! For now, Happy Blasting!

*I would like to say most importantly, I am Not a Health Nutritionist and I do not hold any qualifications along those lines..What I put on here is my personal experiences and views*


x Lucy x

November Lust List

We want them, we need them, we work for them! Here it is my November Lust List <3


Popcorm Oat Socks @ Dorothy Perkins – £6.00

Grey Fleecey Check Pyjamas @ Next – £35.00

Tatlin Beau Jersey Flared Dress @ French Connection – £49.00


NYX Throttle Lipstick, Kiss the dust @ Boots – £5.50

Home Fragrance:

Nutcracker Yankee Candle @Yankee Candle – £21.99

I have picked a few things this month, some are in keeping with my festive mood and also I picked the dress as me and Fiance are heading to a romantic hotel in December, for our Christmas getaway 🙂

We will be staying at The Oakley Court in Windsor and I will be pairing the dress with a pair of French Connection heels I got for my birthday!

Thanks for reading!


x Lucy x


Fussy Eaters, My Story

Hi Guys,


Lately I have been seeing a lot of media around fussy children and food/meals, now there is nothing new in this. For generations children have been fussy about food, but ultimately I believe these are traits which are easy to nip in the bud when you follow some simple rules.

I do not claim to be any kind of nutritionist or expert on how to get your children to eat good food, this is my personal approach with my children.

It is in our nature as human beings to eat foods that activate the reward system part of our brains, as babies that comes from the sweet milk of our mothers. As we approach weaning, what our mothers feed us will determine how we find food for ourselves in the future.

I became a mother at the age of 19, now I can say honestly, I was in no way perfect at watching/monitoring the foods I gave my daughter. However as time went on and I matured, this became my mission in life.

By the time my second daughter was born, I was prepared and shall we say “educated”. I now see the difference in the likes/dislikes food wise between my children, my eldest is fussy, turned off by anything healthy and my youngest is delighted by the sight of a cucumber.

So it is my firm belief that the relationship we have with food comes from the time of weaning and the roles our parents play in teaching us how to live a fulfilled and healthy future.

Which leads me on to baby food, when my second was born, I decided from day one she would be breastfeed until she decided to be ready for food, which was not until she was 11 months. When we did move onto food, I would ensure the quality of food was the best I could afford and ultimately homemade.

From what I remember a small jar of baby food back then was ranging between £1-1.50, equated over a month at three meals per day, was ranging between £84-£126. Now that to me seemed like a lot of money and I couldn’t be sure in my mind this food was the best I could offer.

So I invested in a blender and every meal was homemade by me, we as mothers need to be more confident in our ability to feed our children and not rely on big manufacturers. If you prepare well in advanced then even on days where time is short, providing good meals is still quick and easy.

On a Sunday I would bulk prepare meals for the children and then stick them in the freezer until they were needed. These meals would include spaghetti bolognase, cottage pie, roast dinners, soups, macaroni cheese. If I had the time I would spend it preparing rice puddings and ice cream.

I also believe when weaning babies/toddlers they should be encouraged to eat finger foods to familiarize themselves and become more confident when eating. Do not worry about the mess, it is easily cleaned and is a great lesson which also encourages fine motor skills.


The finger foods I would provide included cucumber sticks, grapes cut in half length ways, carrots sticks *great for teethers* pitta bread strips, sweetcorn, pasta and rice.

As the children got older, I included them in the preparation of food, I find children are more likely to eat food that they have helped to make. Now this may not always be possible but if you can let them help, let them.


We all know we eat with our eyes first and then with our mouths, so for the kids I focus on colour and shapes. I invested in cookie cutters and got creative, it really does work.

I also taught the children that it takes our bodies 10 times to decide if we like a food or not, so now they voluntarily try foods 10 times…amazing!

Now I am not heartless, the girls do enjoy their fair share of treats, but I try to manage it as much as possible.


Even with the work I put in I still struggle to encourage my eldest to try new foods or foods she would rather not eat, however my approach is softer, I do not want to enforce bad eating habits because I forced her to sit at the table until she was done.

If there is something she does not like or shows lack of encouragement for, I use phrases such as ” well if you were able to try a little bit I would be delighted, if not I will still be proud that you tried” It enables her to make the decision herself. For instance, carrots I know she can eat but there are days she will not like them, I still continue to put them on her plate. I do not make a fuss that they are on her plate and if Emily asks me why they are there, I will say “in case you feel like you might want to try one”.

I always continue to encourage these good eating behaviors and the children are used to seeing me in the kitchen, cooking up good meals. They are interested and engaged, offering help and keen to be the taste testers.

Ofcourse it is good to find ideas from other sources, ultimately however, believe in your own judgement when it comes to what is right for your children. Be confident Cooks 🙂

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Thanks for reading 🙂

x Lucy x



Hygge Inspired Weekly Meal Plan

So this week, after so many recommendations, I purchased the book named “Hygge”


Needless to say, Oh My God…no word of a lie, in just 60 pages, this book has changed my life. I personally, long for dark, cold, wet and windy nights, for me it is the fundamental key to happiness. It gives us the time and need to wrap up, drink soothing drinks and eat comforting food.

For anyone who knows me well, will already understand I am obsessed with months October through to December, this for me is when life is at its best. I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of these seasons and embrace them every year, I would go as far to say I was narcotic about it. I go all out every year and so this book for me, was about reading about myself but a better me.

Inspired, I decided to write this blog. These are the meals I love and can’t wait to cook, they sooth my soul and induce happiness 🙂 I am clearly late for the beginning of the week so we are starting on Tuesday.



Breakfast: Toasted Sourdough topped with Avacado, Radish and Coriander. Followed by a Passionfruit

Lunch: Roast Chicken Soup & Croutons

Dinner: Pork Chops in Balsamic BBQ Sauce, New Potatoes & Veg


Breakfast: Porridge topped with mixed Berries & Honey

Lunch: Prawn & Asparagus Salad

Dinner: Sausage HotPot & Mash

Pudding: Chocolate Chip Cookies



Breakfast: Cheese & Chive Muffins

Lunch: Potato & Leek Soup

Dinner: Chicken in White Wine Sauce with Roasted New Potatoes & Green Beans


Breakfast: Greek Yogurt topped with Homemade Granola

Lunch: Poached eggs, Mushroom & Spinach on Granary Toast

Dinner: Beef Stew with Dumplings

Pudding: Summer Fruits Strudel & Custard

img_1682 6eaa753a4d6be0f7a8c69946fd6198ef


Breakfast: Pancakes Topped with Greek Yogurt & Honey

Lunch: Tomato & Chive Omelette

Dinner: Danish Meatballs & Spaghetti

Pudding: Scones with Raspberry Jam & Clotted Cream



Breakfast: Beans on Toast topped with Spring Onion

Lunch: Cheese & Mushroom Rigatoni

Dinner: Spaghetti Bolognase & Garlic Bread

Pudding: Fig Tart & Vanilla Ice Cream

495ff0b5992a717c55842860e2996d6e photo-74


Breakfast: Waffles topped with Strawberries

Lunch: Sweet Chilli Prawns & Vermicelli Noodles

Dinner: Beef Stroganoff & Rice


I hope you find that interesting 😀 Don’t forget to enjoy Hot Chocolate, Cakes & Treats….in moderation 😉

photo-85 img_1846 img_1622


That’s all folks!

x Lucy x


Make Me Feel Better Menu

Good Monday to you all!

And what a lovely Monday it is, today my dad celebrates his 50th Birthday! Yesterday we all gathered around his house for a sensational Indian buffet, provided by a dear family friend. It was delish and has provided us with sooo much leftover. So even though I have a menu devised, chances are, some days may be swapped for a curry 😀 Take a look at all that food!


I was planning on being super healthy this week as well, I have been feeling slightly under the weather and feel my body could do with some nourishment. I am going to stick it as much as possible, so this week I am also including what I shall be having for breakfast and lunch.

Here is the menu, I will be 95% sticking to it 😛


Breakfast – Peach yogurt & Grapes Lunch- Roast Chicken Mugshot, apple and banana Dinner-Left over curry & rice


Breakfast – Porridge, Honey & Pumpkin Seed Lunch- Egg Salad, apple and banana Dinner- Steak, Sugar Snap Peas, Roasted baby potatoes & Sweetcorn


Breakfast- Coconut Porridge & Red Berries Lunch- Pomegranate & Broad Bean Salad, followed by peach yogurt Dinner – Baked Cod wrapped in Parma Ham served with seasonal greens


Breakfast- Vitamin Booster Smoothie (Orange, Carrot, Celery & Mango) Lunch- Moroccan Hummus with veggie dippers & Roast Chicken Soup Dinner- Herby Green Pasta Bake


Breakfast- Poached eggs & Spinach Lunch- Ham & Avacado Salad with apple and banana Dinner- Beef Lasagne


Breakfast- Veggie Omelette Lunch- Thai Chicken Soup with grilled pitta bread Dinner- Night Out/Indian


Breakfast- Granola with Pomegrante, Banana & Honey Lunch- Chicken Noodle Soup Dinner- Homemade Chicken PotPie & Seasonal Veg


I will also be limiting myself to One coffee per day and replacing the rest with fruit teas 🙂 My favourite at the moment is the Skinni Vanilli Infusion by Clipper 20161010_115226

I’m hoping this will help me to feel better.

Until next week 😉

x Lucy x


October Lust List


The great thing about payday, is new stuff! Every month when I run out of money, I begin to dream about the next thing to buy! Like most of us I pick wayyyy too much and some how need to narrow it down 😛

This month is even more exciting because I love all things Autumn/Winter, wrapping up warm, lighting candles and pampering bubble baths. I collected a few bits last month which can be found on my haul video available over my YouTube channel, but here are the things I hope to collect this month 🙂

  1. Mint Velvet Blanket Scarf –
  2. OPI Nails – Nail Lacquer – Neutrals, Dulce de Leche –
  3. NARS Audacious Lipstick, Apoline –
  4. Origins GinZing™ Peel-Off Mask –
  5. Diptyque Figuier/Fig Tree Candle –
  6. Viva Vhari Rib Sleeve Jumper –
  7. Mozart Ripple V Neck Jumper –
  8. Joules Braemar Quilted Gilet –


What have you got your eye on this month?

Happy Shopping 🙂 x Lucy x

Autumnal Weekly Meal Plan


Happy Sunday to you all 🙂 

It’s October!! My favourite time of year, when the cold weather and rainy days hit us, but it doesn’t matter because we get to huddle inside with cosy jumpers, hot chocolate and best of all.. Comfort Food!

Last week we enjoyed some delicious recipes inspired by the Mediterranean, the last grasp of warming sunshine before we begin to hibernate 😉

So in light of this wonderful season, this week we have a Autumnal Comfort Food inspired menu, here we go!

Monday: Classic Spaghetti Bolognese & Garlic Ciabatta

Tuesday: Chicken & Mushroom HotPot served with Kale

Wednesday: Sausage, Mustard Mash & Savoy Cabbage

Thursday: Chicken Tikka Curry & Rice

Friday: Leek & Mushroom Pasta Bake

Saturday: Chilli Con Carne & Rice

Sunday: Maple Slow Cooked Pork & Seasonal Veg

As always, I try to have at least one veggie meal per week and incorporate seasonal veg wherever possible.

I hope you enjoy this week’s menu and it inspires you to cook up some real family treats, let me know what your Autumn indulgences are, I would love to know!


Have a super week, see you next Sunday.


x Lucy x


Mediterranean Weekly Meal Plan

Happy Sunday to my lovely readers 🙂


So every week I try to think of new and exciting recipes to inject into our lives. Not only does it make cooking and shopping more interesting, it is more enjoyable to eat.

I mainly focus on evening meals whilst the children are in school and gather inspiration from a variety of sources. This can include my favourite chefs, magazines, fellow foodies and online sites such as BBC GoodFood and Waitrose recipe page.

This week I am injecting some Mediterranean influence using Rick Stein’s Venice to Istanbul guide.

I started today with a beautiful pan-fried lemon steak and balsamic mushrooms, delish!



So here it is…my weekly meal plan 🙂

Monday:  Sausage & Tomato Bake with Flatbreads

Tuesday: Warm Venetian Salad

Wednesday: Sporki Macaroni

Thursday: Mediterranean Chicken with Noodles

Friday: Greek Salad

Saturday: Homemade Feta & Parma Ham Pizza with Salad

Sunday: Lemon Roasted Chicken and Ratatouille

Don’t forget to shop with a list x



I’m Here, this is Happening.

Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my first EVER blogpost, how exciting!

So as some of you may know, I set up a Youtube channel (JuicyLucyVlog) back in January 2016 to document my Slimming World journey. Since then I have delved into the world of Vlogging and my god I love it!

I thoroughly enjoy watching others in their day to day lives and well let’s face it, I’m just nosey.

All my life I have struggled with where in my life I should be. I have always thought, I want my children to be proud of me and feel like I had accomplished life…whatever that may mean. I feel finally I have found something I enjoy and has the perfect balance for my lifestyle. Granted it is not exactly conventional, but then I have never been the type to fall in line with the crowd.

I would say I am a friendly, approachable and confident person, yet when it comes to actual real life relationships, I am some what of a hermit.

I love independence and feel I do not need a crowd of people to define me, however on this new page in my book, I have found something where I feel I will make some good friendships.

I have a fiance, Niall and two little angels (devils in disguise) Emily who is 7 and Hollie who is 5, they are my world naturally.

So where do I go from here? Well I have some fantastic ideas to entertain whoever wishes to get to know me.

I will as already stated in one of my videos be continuing to be a “Healthy” person as much as humanly possible…Which will allow me to share some great recipes and let you all in on my keepfit lifestyle.

As well as this there will be weekly Vlogs of what me and the crew get up to, I’m sure there will be fun times!

I am getting married in August (Eeeeek!) So there will be wedding videos galore, for any one you also taking the plunge and after inspiration 😀

After this we plan to buy a house and have a darn good holiday…as our last was a complete fail!


I really hope you enjoy following my blog and channel! Please don’t be a silent audience, I’d love to hear from you.

Lucy x